Enjoy the Pleasures of Life

It’s time to rejoice, rejuvenate, and reenergize with the Westport 10 Community Club

It’s time to rejoice, rejuvenate and reenergize with the Westport 10 Community Club.

Fun with Loved Ones

Come, join us at community events that spread joy, love and togetherness. It’s time to enjoy art, music, film, sport and fashion.

Be Our Change

“The hidden history of Westport’s Black residents encompasses enslaved people, slaveholders, a community of more than 70 Black families and, sometimes, a legacy of racism and indifference by white residents to the plight of African Americans who lived or worked in town.”

An Experiential Club

We love cultural events suited for our community. We’re open to new ideas to support the network of our neighborhood.

Better Our History

“Longtime white Westporters remember the residents as keeping very much to themselves, causing no controversy. One man called the rooms “immaculate.”

Westport 10 is a community where we support each other. We want to share, celebrate, and bring success to Westport! We strive to nourish our community.

“Westport 10”

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Hosted by the Gentlemen of Westport and their families